What should we pay attention to in producing fireproof glass

2019-06-18 1750

In the early stage, single pieces of fire-resistant glass are all kinds of composite products. Due to the limitations of data and structure, most of them have the disadvantages of low light transmittance, thickness and weight. Especially, due to the aging of organic materials, their durability is poor, and they need to be replaced on time.So generally used only for processing fire doors and Windows, only in a small number of special occasions used to constitute pervious to light partition.

In recent years, domestic manufacturer introducing produce of monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass (high strength), with its excellent function and moderate price sensitive, for building planning supply the fullness in guarantee under the premise of fire safety to build creative new ways to help build more lightsome, fully open space, the building of the image and the horizon thus loved by building division.However, manufacturers of individual marketing personnel for the purpose of the market, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally exaggerated its function and scope of application, constitute a single construction planning personnel concept dense opaque, improper selection or planning is not perfect, expression is not accurate, can not reach the intended intention.

First should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) support data and structure of fire resistance function

Fireproof glass is just a kind of construction data, its own can not become fireproof partition members alone, only with its fixed, supporting parts (such as window frames, point support glass curtain wall support system, etc.) combination, equipment together constitute the construction components (such as fire doors and Windows, partition/skirt wall, etc.), talent performance should play a role.A project planning aluminum alloy horizontal window across the firewall at both ends, in order to satisfy the fire standards on the firewall at both ends of the window distance of 2m should be set up fire window, the planning drawing is simply marked "firewall at both ends of 1m wide use of single cesium potassium fire glass".Obviously, this is thick opaque fireproof glass and the concept of fireproof window, because aluminum alloy window frame material can not reach the fireproof limit that fireproof window should have, under the high temperature action will quickly soften, misinterpretation and then lose the fixed and supporting function to the glass, even if installed fireproof glass is not "fireproof window".Therefore, is not in the planning just write "fire glass" everything is fine, but also should be its support data and structure for detailed planning, at least to its fire resistance function to make a clear request.Especially when planning to use fireproof glass construction partition/skirt wall, this problem is particularly important, sometimes may be due to the beauty of the problem or the cost is too high and difficult to afford, have to change the plan or choose the physical wall instead.


(2) constitute a firewall to be careful

The fire resistance of single flameproof glass can only reach the above listed C (only satisfactory fire integrity request), and its maximum fire resistance limit is only 90 minutes (that is, 1.5h).And the standard fireproof limit requirements for firewalls to reach 3h (or 4h), and together with its fireproof integrity and fireproof insulation (that is, equivalent to fireproof glass of class A).Obviously, the use of a single piece of fire glass may not fit the function of the firewall.If due to special needs, it is necessary to plan a glass firewall and request excellent visibility permeability, at least two or more pieces of compound composition hollow, sandwich, or even set up two walls;And should be special planning of its support system and group composition of "wall" after all the test, so that it reaches the firewall fire function request.So, if you want to arrive at fire safety and beautiful ambition role, must greatly add project cost, generally should not be selected.

(3) precise selection of type

Such as listed above, flameproof glass according to the characteristics and refractory refractory function is not the same as the limit is divided into three kinds of level 4, single items of projects as A planning should be according to the using situation, the characteristics of the parts, when A request in accordance with the relevant technical standards and administrative regulations, accurately choose the type of and in planning documents, clearly indicating detailed Ⅱ (such as C, A Ⅰ).In general, the partition, the fire resistance function of the skirt are begged to reach class B or even class A, single sheet of fire glass can not satisfy this request, it is necessary to use composite;C class is only used for manufacturing fire doors and Windows or no insulation function begged curtain wall, partition.Other, inductive consideration of sound insulation, thermal insulation and other requirements, and sometimes may also add low-e function entreaties and other glass compound composition sandwich, hollow type of use.

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